Don Guayo - Antigua, Guatemala
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Don Guayo - Antigua, Guatemala

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We are proud to add Don Guayo, Guatemala to our line up this season! Thanks to our green sourcing partners at Bonaventure, we are able to offer this coffee for a second year. “Don Guayo” was a crowed favorite the last time we offered it, and this year it does not disappoint. We taste orange zest, piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), and rich bakers chocolate.

This lot was produced by, and named after, Eddy “Don Guayo” Gomez in Antigua Guatemala. His farm is nestled between two volcanoes, “Volcan de Agua” and “Volcan de Fuego”. The nutrient rich volcanic soil and temperate climate produces the perfect environment for growing delicious coffee.    

Don Guayo grows a dwarf variant of bourbon known as Bourboncito, which he processes at the esteemed Bella Vista mill. Beneficio Bella Vista, run by the Zelcafe team, is known through out the industry as one of the best mills in Guatemala. There the cherries are meticulously pulped, washed, and dried. 

The final product is a pleasantly bright and balanced coffee with notes of sweet citrus, caramelized sugars, and rich chocolate. We can’t wait for you to try it!